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Network - Leverage - Play the Long Game

A stellar career requires strategy. Think like a headhunter, network, package yourself, and discreetly negotiate your next role.

Learn 'Headhunter' Tricks

Open doors for yourself. Network to do business. Think like a headhunter, not like a job applicant. 

Jump to the Front of the Line

Are you being ignored? Tired of trying everything to gain an employer's attention, only to get lost in the shuffle? 

Executive Level Strategies

Who are you? What do you bring to the party? Evaluate your experience, and understand your worth to land interviews that change your career. 

Barbara Goldman

A career veteran of executive recruiting, Barbara advises her clients  to use the strategies and techniques of the most successful headhunters in the business. 


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Think Like a Headhunter - Interview Like an Executive

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