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A stellar career requires strategy. Think like a headhunter, network, package yourself, and discreetly negotiate your next role.

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Open doors for yourself. Network to do business. Think like a headhunter, not like a job applicant. 

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Are you being ignored? Tired of trying everything to gain an employer's attention, only to get lost in the shuffle? 

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Who are you? What do you bring to the party? Evaluate your experience, and understand your worth to land interviews that change your career. 

Barbara Goldman

During her career  as an executive recruiter, Barbara has worked with executives to help them access opportunity and build successful careers.

Her clients learn to maneuver the finer points of office politics. Career moves matter, Barbara's clients plan their careers and make calculated moves using a professional headhunter, industry expert approach.

As an RMT graduate coach,  (Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes) Barbara's coaching uses strategic intervention techniques to bring meaning to work, and to life. By focusing on the client's six human needs, and the manner in which the client satisfies those needs, meaningful and lasting change is achieved. Positive Psychology Coaching techniques help clients understand and appreciate their worth and experience joy. 

Executive Leadership and Communication skills that convey strength, trust, and confidence in the workplace can be learned.

As a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Barbara conducts group and individual training that increases productivity and overall management effectiveness. 

A Certified Professional Coach, (CPC) and Certified Addiction Coach (CAC)  she is a member of the International Coach Federation, the globally recognized  coaching standard. 


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